Wiener ARP Ensemble



Wiener ARP Ensemble (The Vienna ARP Ensemble / W~ARP) is an international sound art performing collective founded and based in Vienna. It consists of  Evgeny Ignashev (RU/AT), Sinan Ilhan (TR/AT), Wolfgang Musil (AT), Frederic Stritter (DE). Each member plays a legendary ARP 2600 — one of the most iconic modular analog synthesizers ever, and for the first time in history so many of them appear together on stage. Along with the ARP 2600 synthesizers W~ARP's performances involve the use of multichannel immersive sound diffusion systems, custom-made sound reproduction and live sound transformation tools, such as amplified metal plates or 20-meter long piano strings, tape machines and other sonic curiosities.




Das Wiener Arp Ensemble besteht aus Evgeny Ignashev, Sinan Ilhan, Wolfgang Musil, Frederic Stritter. Jedes Mitglied spielt einen ARP 2600 — der legendäre analoge Synthesizer der auch R2-D2 eine Stimme gab. Ihre Performances sind Improvisationen, die andere Klangobjekte (Metallplatten, Bandmaschinen oder Klaviersaiten) als Erweiterung mit den Synthesizern verbinden. 










Jul 2021

tba, Berlin, DE


May 2021

tba, Vienna, AT


Aug 2020

Live at Symposion Lindabrunn: VELAK #115, Enzesfeld-Lindabrunn, AT


Dec 2019

Shut Up And Listen Festival, Echoraum, Vienna, AT


Jun 2018

Live at Steinergasse 8 ELAK Concerts, Vienna, AT







Evgeny Ignashev


Sinan Ilhan


Wolfgang Musil @MICA | @Musikprotokoll


Frederic Stritter